If water has found its way into your home or your business it may cause devastating damage, the harm caused by flooding goes deeper than just the exterior. The amount of flood water and its source is important in determining the proper approach to clean up. A swift and proper cleanup is imperative in order to prevent further, more costly damages, that are not immediately visible.

Category 1: White or clean water

Clean water is just that, clean and sanitary, it comes through our taps. Damages that are caused by whitewater are not dangerous and pose no immediate health risk. Clean water can still flood your home or business and do a lot of damage to structures and or building materials. Also, remember that clean water will become stagnant if left standing, or even contaminated if it meets any possible contaminants, this will cause it to fall into either category two or three.

After any flooding, ensure that no electrical devices have come into contact with the water, if so, please ensure you safely turn off your electricity at the main immediately, do not use any previous or currently wet electronics until you hire an electrician to inspect them. Also, any flood water that cannot easily and safely be dealt with manually please contact American Restoration so that their experts may handle any current flooding, or any damages sustained from flood water without you risking your own safety. All this information applies to categories two and three below.

Category 2: Greywater

Greywater is dirty water; it has been contaminated. Dishwater is considered greywater, as well as water that has washed clothes, been used for bathing or any water that has been in contact with any less than sanitary areas such as toilets. Greywater can contain, soap, chemicals, food particles and bacteria that may be dangerous to humans or animals. Also, note that greywater, especially soapy dish or bathwater is much more conductive and requires much more precaution when dealing with it, so it is much more important to seek the help of our professional services.

Category 3: Blackwater

Blackwater is unsafe, it is dangerous and carries significant contamination that poses serious health risks. Damage caused by blackwater is the most serious of all water types. Blackwater may contain feces, urine, harmful bacteria, chemicals, pesticides, toxins, dirt or decay. Blackwater can come from sewers, backed up water lines, flood water from rivers, ponds or overflowing streets and ditches. Homes and businesses that are damaged by blackwater require immediate attention and should only be attended to by an IICRC qualified professional such as the experts employed by American Restoration.

The key to dealing with flooding is to address any water damage or leaks as soon as they are noticed. Periodically survey your home or business for signs of water leaks. Once any damage becomes visible, even if appearing minor at first glance, there is a good chance that damage has occurred for some time. Another suggestion is to be attentive to musty smells. Hidden damages can range from mold and mildew growing under carpets, floorings, and drywall, to the complete breakdown and rotting of the building materials that affect the entire structure. Also, it is crucial to know that molds and mildews pose serious health risks.

Water not only causes obvious property damages, but the makeup of the water itself must be examined. The water we come across in our day to day lives is classified and consists of whitewater, greywater, and blackwater. The type of water involved in causing damage is important to determine and ensure proper treatment and restoration. American Restoration uses the following damage categories to determine the proper approach to address any and all cleanup and restorative projects.

It is necessary to contact a professional company such as American Restoration to address the wide range of issues caused by water damage that may pose a health risk if dealt with alone. We employ experts who have the knowledge and ability to address water damage, no matter the cause, big or small. They have the expertise to provide proper cleanup as well as restore any and all damages to the property, walls, ceilings, floors, no matter their material. We provide full-scale services and can assure that your home or business is clean, safe and properly restored.

Always remember no matter what type of water damage you may have; American Restoration’s team of experts is here to help you 24/7

Monsoon storms that cause thunder, lighting and torrential rainfall can lead to flooding that can damage your home. American Restoration wants homeowners to know several important tips to follow to better protect their houses, businesses and surrounding property during monsoon season.

  • Get your roof inspected prior to monsoon season. Even small roof leaks can lead to moisture entering your home, causing harmful bacteria and mold to proliferate. Handle the small roof leaks now before the rainy season to avoid bigger problems later.
  • Make sure your gutters are cleaned from all debris. They help to direct the flow of water off the roof away from your house.
  • Position downspouts attached to your gutters so that they direct the flow of water away from the foundation of your home.
  • If the grading of your backyard slopes toward your home, consider installing a retaining wall that can quickly divert water away from your house during monsoon season.
  • Put weather stripping on doors and windows to effectively waterproof them when heavy rainfall occurs. Seal your indoor flooring to make it water resistant

Despite your best efforts, if your home experiences any degree of flood damage during monsoon season, contact American Restoration for our excellent professional water mitigation services. Our team of experts can quickly restore your home and property to pre-flood conditions, discouraging the risk of structural discoloration and the growth of harmful bacteria that can compromise your health.

American Restoration can help you with all of your flood restoration services, but it is always better to avoid flooding if at all possible. With regular HVAC maintenance, you can avoid flooding and help your home stay in tip-top shape.

If you want to try to avoid flooding, go ahead and get a regular HVAC maintenance service plan. A professional can check your unit to make certain that it is not leaking. A professional should check your main drain lines and emergency drain lines to make sure that there are no blockages. They should also check for leaks in your lines that can cause serious damage over time.

A professional can also look and see if your coils are dirty and need to be cleaned. It is also a good idea to have your air filters changed as well. If you notice any standing water, it is important to get any flooding cleaned up before it causes water damage and secondary problems like mold from forming.

By taking care of your air conditioning unit, you can have peace of mind that it will work well for you when you need it. We understand that some emergencies cannot be prevented, and we are always ready to assist you in the event of any type of flooding. If your AC unit does leak or flood your home, contact American Restoration.

Water damage is a frustrating possibility at all different times of the year. It's particularly prevalent during the winter months, however. If you want to safeguard your structure from the stresses of winter water damage, then you can rely on our tried and tested professionals at American Restoration any time. It can be a terrific idea to take note of potential triggers of water damage in the winter as well

1. Pipe Bursting

Unpleasantly enough, pipes that have burst can in many cases bring on winter water damage. Brutal temperatures could do a number on the H20 that's located within your residential pipes.

2. Gutter Obstructions

Gutter obstructions can also be unwelcome news for individuals who wish to dodge the headaches of water damage in the winter. Gutter systems are extremely busy in the wintertime. If your gutter is chock-full of leaves, twigs, and debris in general, it may obstruct the normal traveling of water. Therefore, this can bring on flooding and associated water damage.

3. Roofing System Leakage

Roofing system leakage can bring on water damage during the winter as well. If you have a roof leak of any degree of intensity, then you need to take care of it as soon as possible in order to minimize the possibility of water damage. If you have concerns that involve water damage in New Mexico, then we can American Restoration Water and Fire, LLC can help. We work with business and homeowners alike. Request an appointment with our hardworking and devoted staff without hesitation.

Now is the time to prepare your home to prevent fire damage during New Mexico's fire season. At American Restoration, we hope you take advantage of these fire prevention tips.

Embers can travel up to a mile and ignite a home or flammable items near it. Homeowners can take steps to make their home less vulnerable to embers. The first step is to clean debris from their gutters and roof. Missing or damaged shingles should be replaced or repaired. Next, metal mesh screens should be installed to cover eave and attic vents to prevent embers from entering the home. Finally, anything flammable that is in contact with exterior walls, under decks, or beneath porches should be removed.

After safeguarding your home, homeowners need to establish a 30-foot zone around the house as a buffer. In this zone, it's important to remove dead vegetation, pine needles, and leaves. Grass should not be allowed to grow higher than four inches. Firewood should be stored more than 30 feet from the home. Plants should be moved away from windows.

During fire season, homeowners need to be extremely careful when using fire. An outdoor fire should never be left unattended. It's also a good idea to have a fire extinguisher nearby whenever you're using fire in your yard. After enjoying an outdoor fire, making sure the fire is completely out is a must. Safety measures like wetting the area around a charcoal or gas grill before cooking should not be neglected. Grills should be used at least 15 feet from the house.

At American Restoration, we hope you, your home, and loved ones remain safe during fire season. In the unfortunate event that your property experiences fire damage, we can help. Call us at 505-206-5277

Mold and mildew thrive during the Winter months because of the wet climate. American Restoration can help you any time of the year with your mold and mildew problems.

As you heat your home and warm air rises to the top of your home or runs into a cold window, condensation forms. This condensation is a breeding ground for mold and can cause your home to be an unhealthy place.

When the temperature in your home starts to drop a little after you have used your heat, condensation can also form behind places like your furnace or in your ductwork. It is important to contact American Restoration if you suspect that there is mold in your home.

Dead and decaying plants can also cause mold to thrive. In the winter months, there are many dead plants around your home. If you are not careful, these plants could lead to mold growth inside of your property. The wind can blow mold spurs inside of your home if there are dead plants close to your doors or windows.

American Restoration can take care of all your mold remediation needs so that your home is a healthy place to live. Our team is standing by to provide premium mold removal service that will be performed quickly and efficiently. When the temperature starts to drop outside and you start to warm up the interior of your home, we can help stop mold from causing you unnecessary problems. Contact us right away for more information or to set up a mold remediation appointment today.

Stucco is a wonderful material for house and building exteriors, possessing a number of beneficial qualities. Although stucco is water-resistant, it will become susceptible to water damage if not maintained. An early indication of water damage could be bumps on the exterior’s top layer, a form of delamination that can lead to the material falling off in sheets if left unchecked.

Some causes of stucco water damage are improper installations, ineffective flashing, and cracks caused by weather or hail. Even the best quality of this material can’t prevent problems later on if it is installed incorrectly.

These unwanted stucco conditions can easily allow water to weaken materials underneath the surface, leading to further damage to your roof and siding structures, which may lead to interior damage.

Whether the cause of the damage is from a malfunctioning stucco or other issues, save yourself some grief and call American Restoration Water & Fire, LLC. We’re a New Mexico company that specializes in damage mitigation and in restoration services. American Restoration is professionally licensed and maintain our Cleaning and Restoration Certification. Call us today to handle any cleanup, remodeling, and repair that your home or place of business requires.

Water is a serious matter to homeowners. It can cause all sorts of problems and can destroy just about everything that it comes in contact with. It is important that you remove the water from the area once it is discovered. If there is damage to the area, it is vital that it is repaired right away by people that specialize in flood restoration. Here are some reasons why you will want to have the damage repaired in a timely fashion by the professionals at American Restoration.

What Can Happen if Water Damage is Not Cleaned Up?

Health Issues. When the water has been removed from the area there will still be contaminants left behind. Water is dirty and the particles that it leaves can make you sick and cause all sorts of health issues, not to mention the formation of mold, which can cause severe health issues.

Loss of Value. Water damage can also lower the value of your home. If you decide to sell your home, there is a good chance you will be required to repair the area before the sale can take place.

Structural Problems. Water can destroy the strength that certain materials have within. For instance, when water comes in contact with wood it causes the wood to expand. This makes the wood weak and more likely to break under pressure.

If you have damage related to water, American Restoration can help. It does not matter if the water damage is from a pipe or flood, we can help you restore your property. If you have any questions about flood restoration or general questions, please contact us today. We are willing to visit to your home and assess the damage. We can also provide you with a detailed report of what it will take to fix the problem.

A fire can start for any reason at any time. It might begin with a power cord spark, lightning strike or splatter of cooking oil on a hot stove. When fire damage occurs, it leaves its mark for all to see and smell. Smoke odor not only fills the air but also soaks into every porous material and lingers long after the fire has been put out. Wood burning odors aren't the only problem. A homeowner might have to deal with pungent and toxic odors from burnt plastics, flammable liquids or foam gap fillers and furniture cushions. At American Restoration, we want every homeowner to know that total fire and smoke restoration is possible. The process to deal with smoke and eliminate it effectively though takes time, patience and hard work.

How can homeowners remove odors and restore their homes on their own?

Prep Space They should start by removing all materials from the area. Some people only recommend removing items that suffered fire damage, but a homeowner must keep in mind that total restoration starts by reducing exposure of clean items to lingering smoke. Also, if one area is burnt and another nearby one is fine, a homeowner should seal off damaged sections so that odors do not contaminate materials in untouched areas.

Purify the Air Throughout the cleaning and restoration process, a homeowner must set up one or more air purifying devices that contain activated carbon filters to absorb odors. Boxes of baking soda placed throughout the damaged area can also help. They should never waste money on ionic or HEPA air filtration systems. Ionizing devices create harmful ozone, only clean a small volume of air and interact in adverse ways with certain chemicals. HEPA filters don't offer enough odor absorption benefits.

Remove All Debris Cleaning up ash and soot isn't an easy task. Creosote creates difficult-to-remove oily stains. Water-based cleaning solutions make a mess that's even harder to remove, and moisture promotes bacteria and mold growth in badly deteriorated materials. A homeowner must start to remove ash and soot odors by rubbing surfaces from the ceiling down toward the floor with a dry soot eraser sponge. Afterward, they should then sweep up remaining particles with a broom and dustbin and finally a vacuum. Application of a liquid solvent with a sponge is necessary to remove stains. To remove lingering odors, a homeowner must use liquid deodorizer spray.

Restore the Home The final part of the process for smoke removal and returning a space to its former physical state is total restoration. If necessary, a homeowner must repair or replace structural materials, furniture, and appliances. Once they complete this portion of the restoration process, they merely need to replace decorative items to make the area comfortable and welcoming once again. Air purifiers should no longer be necessary unless the homeowner uses them to reduce allergy-related dust, pollen and pet dander and odors unrelated to a fire. Homeowners can't solve every smoke-based fire damage scenario on their own. If smoke odor doesn't dissipate or the fire affected a large area or caused extensive damage, they should invest in help from a professional restorer. If something does happen, call our team at American Restoration Water and Fire. We expertly and quickly handle total reconstruction jobs, including smoke removal and structural rebuilds and repairs. We're also available 24/7 for emergency restorations.

With winter upon us, temperatures will be dropping steadily as the cold weather puts a grip on many areas of New Mexico. Being aware of space heater misuse/fire risk is essential to reducing the chance of a fire in the home. With 79 percent of fire deaths caused by space home heaters, according to a report that was

You may be wondering why it's important to keep your exterior pipes from freezing. When water freezes, it expands. That expansion can burst your pipes. Before cold weather strikes, we want to share some measures you can take to prevent freezing pipes outside of your home.

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