While you are decking the halls this holiday season, it is important to keep safety in mind. Although you may not think so, decorating for the holidays can pose dangers to you, your family, and your home. With all the season's cheer, fire safety isn't necessarily at the forefront of one's thoughts. There are, however, simple steps that can help you avoid starting a fire and incurring damage to your home- leaving you and yours to happily celebrate the holiday season.

Mold isn’t something to take lightly. Not only can it cause issues within your home, but it also can cause health problems that range from itching eyes and coughing to more serious allergic reactions, and even permanent lung damage. Although it may seem like it’s easy to detect, mold could be hiding in areas you may not be aware of. It is important to know whether or not your home is at risk, and if so, where it can be found.

We understand that cold weather means potential damage to your home. Our goal is to help educate homeowners on the importance of avoiding the high costs that come with flood restoration services due to the cold weather we experience during the Winter months. A small amount of ice in any type of water pipe can expand and cause the pipe to break. American Restoration advises taking a little time and making a little investment to avoid flooding caused by frozen pipes. Here are a few steps you can take to keep your home safe and flood free this Winter.

The holidays are a time of laughter and enjoying great food with your loved ones. If your family loves a good meal, you will be spending a lot more time in the kitchen preparing food this holiday season. Unfortunately, cooking fires are not as uncommon as you may think during the holidays. Here are a few tips to keep cooking fires at bay.

Now that Fall has hit, the cold weather is on its way, and there's nothing like a cozy fireplace to warm you up. At American Restoration, we want you to stay safe while you are enjoying your fire during these chilly months, so pay attention to these tips.

Toilet overflow can be quite common. Unfortunately, if the issue is not resolved quickly enough, it can result in water damage to your home. Did you know that one of the top five causes of home water damage is a toilet overflow? Whether there is an issue with your tank, or your toilet bowl is clogged, there are steps you can take to avoid flooding and things you can look for when assessing the flood damage.

Autumn has finally arrived, which means Winter and cold weather are right around the corner. As the weather gets colder, the use of your furnace, whether gas or electric, becomes more necessary. Although furnaces can make those chilly days bearable in your home, there are a few dangers associated with them that you should look out for and be aware of.

When the cold weather hits, we know that snow is just on the horizon. Besides being a nightmare for the roads, snow can also cause a lot of damage to your home. At American Restoration, we can help provide water damage restoration to your house or business when flooding occurs. We suggest taking some of the following precautionary measures to help protect your home from rough weather.

After a disaster that has caused home flooding, moisture levels in your home can be high. Unfortunately, moisture makes for the perfect setting for potentially health harming mold to form within your home. So, just how long does it take for mold to grow in your home?

Disasters of all kinds are possible. People everywhere have to deal with floods, fires, earthquakes, tornadoes, thunderstorms and similar issues with great regularity. If you want to be smart, then you need to think ahead. It's imperative to do anything and everything you can to possibly safeguard your home and your possessions in general. What exactly can you do? There are various disaster preparation strategies that you can consider.

If you've been in New Mexico for any amount of time, the folks at American Restoration Water and Fire, LLC know that you've noticed the drainage devices or "drain spouts" on the sides of buildings and homes! These are called canales (can-AL-eez). While fun and stylish, these Southwestern design elements can cause a world of water issues around your home.

Monsoon season is rapidly approaching, that means wet weather, lightning and thunder. Although it is rare for lightening to strike a home, it can happen. That’s why it also boosts the chances of the dangers of residential or commercial fires. If your home or business is struck by lightning, you should call the fire department immediately. Most lightning fires tend to start in the attic or the walls of a structure, but they can start anywhere the lightening travels.

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